Deane Memorial


The Deane Memorial Morris Dance otherwise known as "The Stick Dance" was originally referred to as the "Jig Dance" and references to the origination of the dance appear in the AGM minutes for 1980. It was first performed in public in 1983, when it was still being referred to colloquially as the "Jig Dance". By 1988 it was always referred to  as the "Stick Dance" and the use of the name "Jig Dance" disappeared from common usage. However, in Geoff's personal notes when he was developing the dance it was always referred to as "Deane Memorial". 

Deane Memorial videod at a practice.

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Deane Memorial at Sidmouth 1990



Available Documents

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Geoff's original thoughts and notation. The dance has changed considerably since these first jottings!

Some further early notes including the original first figure which was replaced by the current "First Corners" as people found it too confusing!

Rumworth notation for workshops including music

Gary Young's original sequence of tunes as worked out to fit the dance

Phil Trewinnard's hand written musical notation of the tunes in the above sequence