The Garland


The Garland Dance was originally conceived as a stick dance with a format loosely based on the Mawdsley dance.

The "Rumworth Caper" came from playing around with a movement from the Colne dance when Geoff was making up a dance to teach at an EFDSS workshop.

It soon became apparent that if you were going to hold up 2 sticks (like candlesticks) they might as well be joined aup at the top to form a garland. The original garlands were broken wooden PE hoops acquired from a school.


Original Garland recorded at a Sidmouth 1990.





Original Garland recorded at a practice.  
(Password to view this video is M3mb3r)




YouTube Video recorded at Ely Folk Festival in 2010




YouTube video recorded at Holmfirth Festival of Folk 2013



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Geoff's early ideas for the development of a "Rumworth Garland" dance 

Gary Young's original handwritten music notation