The Polka


First dance in the new team's repertoire based on a notation of the Morris Dance performed at the Milnrow Rushbearing in 1903. The notation was supplied by Bryn Pugh and the notes were used by Geoff to create the Rumworth Polka which was first danced in public in March 1978 at Rivington Lower Barn.

The tunes were selected by the then musician, Peter Fox.

The style of dancing was greatly influenced by the playing of Phil Trewinnard who slowed the dance down which gave it greater impact.

For the first few seasons until 1986 it was also danced as a processional at events such as Whitworth Rushcart.

The dance is now referred to as The Original Polka to avoid confusion with Number 2 Polka

Video taken at practice

The password to view the video is M3mb3r


The Original Polka at Sidmouth 1990


Jeff Dent's video of the Original Polka in Antwerp (opens in a new window)


Available Documents

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The Morris Dance performed at the Milnrow Rushbearing in 1903

The Original Polka - Rumworth Notation

Gary Young's original handwritten music notation and tune sequence