Address Lists


Before the advent of modern technology the club produced regular typed address lists which gave the names addresses and (usually but not always) telephone numbers of everyone who was involved with the club at that time. They do not constitute a record of the club membership as some people are on a list because they were attending practices at the time the list was produced and didn't continue for long afterwards and never joined the club. Others may have been musicians who played occasionally for the team at that time (we didn't always have regular musicians).

The main reason for reproducing them here is to show the names of those people associated with the club at particular times and to show the geographical spread of the "membership".

The lists have have been redacted to conceal street level address details and telephone numbers as these are not relevant to the purpose of their publication.


Address List April 1978

Address List August 1978

Address List December 1978

Address List March 1979

Address List April 1980

Address List June 1981 

Address List 1983

Address List 1984

Address List 1985

Address List 1986

Address List January 1987

Address List May 1989 

Address List October 1989

Address List April 1990

Address List January 1991

Address List 1993

The following lists were extracted from the Secretary's mail merge data file and were not distributed to members in the old format

Address List 1997

Address List 1998

Address List May 1999

Address List 2000

Address List 2001

Address List 2003

Address List 2004