The Godley Hill Morris Dance

Founder members of Rumworth had danced this as members of Manchester Morris Men. 

The Rumworth version was put together by Geoff Hughes based on the MMM dance,  Dan Howison's notes and a degree of poetic licence in order to give a consistent pattern to the dance. The tunes were all used by Godley Hill Royal Morris Dancers with the possible exception of "Boatmans"

We first began working on the dance in 1987/88 and intended to perform it in public for the first time in 1989! In 1991 we hoped to perform it the following season with "selected dancers" After several false starts and regular mentions at AGMs it was actually first performed in public in 2005/6


Video taken at North Weald station during the Chingford weekend in 2012
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Video taken at Holmfirth Festival of Folk, 2013


Available Documents

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Dan Howison's spreadsheet which compares 3 collected versions


Manchester Morris Men's notation written by Derek Froome