Annual Programme


When the club was founded we agreed in principle to organise our own tours (mostly town centres) on one Saturday a month during the dancing season. We would also dance out at pubs on Thursday evenings in the Summer in lieu of practice. we would also attempt to attend at least one weekend event a year.


The following sheets were distributed so that members could put the dates in their diary and keep them free for Rumworth events.


1978 tour dates

1979 tour dates

1980 provisional tour dates

1981 tour list

1982 provisional tour dates

1983 dates

1984 provisional tour list

1985 provisional tour list

1986 provisional tour list

1987 provisional and final tour lists

1987 provisional tour list

1988 tour list

1989 tour list

1989:1990 provisional tour list

1990:1991 tour list

1991:1992 tour list

1992:1993 tour list

1994 provisional tour list (and end 1993)

Programme for 1997/98

Programme 2000 and 2001

Programme 2002 and 2003

Programme 2003 and 2004

2006:2007 dates

2007:2008 dates

2008:2009 dates

2009:2010 dates

2010:2011 dates

2011:2012 dates

2012:2013 dates